Finger Slayer Game Review A Thrilling Smartphone Game

Finger SlayerToday at techtabloids a Smartphone game we are reviewing is a spectacular game, this stunning game will test your reflexes and reactions.

Finger Slayer is a game that we are talking about, this is available in almost all popular Smartphones operating systems such as iOS, Android and windows based Devices.

So let’s start the review of this thrilling game Finger Slayer.


In Finger Slayer there are three modes, classic mode, play with Fingoo and survivor land. In classic mode there are two types guillotine and saw, the basic difference between two types of classic mode is different types of blades.
How to play classic mode of Finger Slayer

After hitting in the classic mode which ever blade type you select, there will be a hole where a player has to put his finger to play this game; there are some certain things which a player needs to know before playing or when you placed your finger inside that circle then you cannot release it before 3, 2, 1 and go splash on the screen if you do so then the game will be over.

Finger Slayer Classic Mode
This mode will test your reflexes and reactions, release your finger as the ‘go’ splash on the screen otherwise you lose, play as much as you like it will become harder and harder as you move ahead.

Second game mode plays with Fingoo, in this mode too there are different types and these are survival, rapid force, transformer and be a killer.

The player has to earn points to unlock the last three types whereas the survival is free of coins.

Finger Slayer Play With Fingoo Mode
In play with Fingoo mode you will be a Fingoo and you can move only in the horizontal direction and there will be three blades which will try to cut Fingoo, the player has to save Fingoo by moving horizontally and judging which blade will fall out of three. You will earn points as you move ahead

There is a store too in this game from where players can purchase different things such as weapons, health increase, different characters and much more by giving points.

Third and the Last mode of Finger Slayer is survivor land, in this mode a larger horizontal blade damaged from some sides is moving to and fro, there is a Fingoo inside that blade you have to save as the blade comes down try to move Fingoo where the blade is broken, play as much as you want

                     Finger Slayer Survivor Mode                 
Graphics and theme

Graphics of Finger Slayer are great and high qualities with amazing and near to reality sound effects, vibration effects turn this game feel like as player finger actually smashed.

Game Developer:RV AppStudios

Author’s Remarks

Finger Slayer is a thrilling game with astonishing effects, must try game this game is available in all popular Smartphone’s OS.

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