Run Fatty Run Android Game A Chasing Game

Games that we usually play on our Smartphones most of them are conventional games like Racing, Shooting etc. But there are some other games around us to which are based on new ideas , and today the game that we are reviewing in falls in the same league. So without explaining further we should start with the review.

The Game we are reviewing is Run Fatty Run game is based on a brilliant idea

Game play

In this unusual and amazing game the world has become nutty. Fatness has become a global issue so one government has come up with an idea of losing weight that involves steady running along with a motivator but there is no trainer that you are thinking as a motivator, motivator is the tiger which keeps on chasing you to put the shutters on your fatness, Bret the main character of this game player will control him and you need to beat the tiger otherwise it will jump up on Bret and put Bret on the starting line.

The game features that, Bret the main lead of this game is quite and conventional kind of a person and hopeless office worker. He always seems to be unhappy because he eats so much; in this game he is put into the situation where he has to outpace a jungle tiger.

To play this Android game you need to tap continuously on the screen to make Bret Run faster. The  quicker you tap the quicker Bret will run, to change the direction of Bret move your finger vertically on the screen the Bret will move on that direction ,there are some other controls to which let you charge over obstacles and gently sloping down the hill.

I know now you have started thinking about that this is only a chasing game, if you are thinking on that side then you are totally on wrong direction, the game has got much more than that. The game is distributed into 36 levels with each level has a got an Olympic identical feast of Bronze, Silver and Gold ratings. There are some special kind of races too when completing enough of these kind of challenges guess what! , you will be given a comic strip.
The sketches in the comic are so attractive and entertaining, the more you play more you will be rewarded with comic strips

Most Prominent Features
  • 36 achievements crammed courses 
  • NEXT GEN 3D graphics with advanced shaders and FX 
  • A smorgasbord of food temptations with ACCURATE CALORIE COUNTS 
  •  multiple game endings 
  • UN likable comic bookstore
VIDEO Game Play

Game graphics and user interface

The music of this game is entertaining; graphics are 3D and more interactive which makes it more soothing for the eyes.

Game Developers:Disparity Games       


Author’s Remarks,

In the closing remarks I must say a great and entertaining game for the Android Platform which makes it even superior with a comic rewards.

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