Apple’s Latest IPad AT Last Released In China

Apple's Latest IPad AT Last Released In China

Apple at last released its new IPAD For sale in china after facing a Long lawsuit which lasted about four month; lawsuit was filed by Shenzhen Proview Technology (local china company) over the ownership of IPAD name.

Apple said they had bought global rights of IPAD name from Proview but Chinese management was claiming the rights certainly not transferred in China.

After late release cluster of people in Beijing and Shanghai came to purchase IPAD, there was hectic situation outside the Beijing super store of Apple where all showing their concern to purchase IPAD.

Sun Xufei, a 32-year-old man was claimed to be the first customer in Shanghai to purchase It, he said “I had put off buying an IPAD so Apple had time to develop “a perfect one ” “.

Apple's Latest IPad AT Last Released In China

What some other people had  said

Qu Hongyu, a 20-year-old university student in Shanghai, conveyed frustration that Apple waited four months after the new IPAD to release it in China.

Qu said she could have asked a friend overseas to send her one, “but I think it’s better to get the product here, because I don’t want to owe somebody a favor”.

China is Apple’s second biggest market after the United States.

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