Increases Battery Power Of iPad The Props Power Case

Props Power Case

 Well if you are a daily iPad user, you uses it while you are traveling at Party or at home or anywhere else by simple means you cannot live without it and the thing which letting you not to be at calm is the battery because using so much of iPad drains out the battery. Now this problem has been solved by Props Power case by Digital Treasures.

Battery Extender For iPad

Props power case act as a battery extender for you iPad and the nice thing is in the Props Power case is available for almost every iPad that Apple makes.

There are different versions of iPad Props Power cases for iPad 2, iPad 3 , iPad 4 and iPad mini. There are two different choices of battery cases one has 12000 mAh capacity whereas the other one has 8000 mAh capacity and there is a special version too that has been specifically built for iPad mini.

Props power case is not only a battery extender for iPad plus it also provides protection to you iPad from Scratches, dust and damaged from drops. Case includes LED light battery status indicators, charging cable and USB cable also included.

Provides Protection To iPad
There are different prices sets for each version according to Battery capacity, 120000 mAh cases will cost $119.95 while the 8000 mAh case will cost $89.95 and the case for iPad mini sells for $79.95. want to buy it click here to visit official Website.

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