Protective And Stylish Cover Case For iPad Mini By Ballistic

Ballistic cases for iPad Mini As the iPad mini comes on the market, people are getting excited and according to sources about 3 million iPad minis has been sold up till now, thinking this Ballistic the most renowned and award winning accessory makers of  gadgets has declared its two stylish and smart case covers for iPad mini. The two cases are Ballistic life style ­and Ballistic Tough Jacket.

Ballistic Tough Jacket case series For iPad Mini

Ballistic Tough Jacket case
It is most probably  the strongest covers in the market with three layers of protection which is the composing of inner silicon for shock absorbed , hard plastic and an extra polymer layer. It includes the “lay-on-table” which ensures that the iPad mini screen will never touch the surface when laid flat, optional screen cover with kickstand is also included which user can take advantage for better viewing.

Ballistic life style smooth series case For iPad mini

Ballistic life style smooth
It is a very slim case that wraps around your iPad without adding any noticeable substance. The snug fit features ensure that it grasp your iPad tightly and easy to remove too. There are sixteen optional corner bumpers included so that users can enjoy (four color ).

Both smart and high protective cases for iPad mini will be made available in late November 2012 for $60 (Ballistic Tough Jacket) and for $ 40 (Ballistic Lifestyle) at and other stores.

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