5 Tips for engaging with customers

5 Tips for engaging with customersEstablished entrepreneurs understand the importance of connecting with clients. Building relationships remain crucial to grasping your customers’ needs. These relationships help in acquiring more returning clients, referrals and earnings in the process.

To forge strong customer relationships, do everything within your means to engage customers.

Below are five tips to establish lasting customer relationships.

5 Tips for engaging with customers

1. Communicate

Communication is vital to the quality and longevity of any relationship, and that includes customer relationships. Promoting your enterprise and lending your ear to the customer is equally critical.
Instead of telling customers about your brand, engage them in conversations. Unearth your customers’ needs and prove to them that indeed you’ve got an answer to their issues.

If you’ve hired staff, train them how to communicate with customers. Instead of standing by for customer service issues to arise, cultivate communication skills in employees when they join your company. Maintain a staff policy requiring prompt follow-up of the matters raised by clients either by email or voice message.

2. Exceed expectations

Your customers expect perfect product or services. You must consistently raise your standard always to meet rising customer expectations.
In a nutshell, under promise, and exceed expectations. When you leave a mark on customers, they always come back.

One way of exceeding customer expectations is delivering a product earlier than expected or giving a service way above the expected standards. Such actions make customers happy and want to interact with your brand long after the purchase.

3. Request for feedback

Customers often make known their opinion about your company. Appeal to customers to give feedback to demonstrate you’re paying attention. Put comment cards where customers can see or administer a survey.

Customer feedback aids you comprehend customer needs as it allows you to find the optimal resolutions to their grievances. The better you satisfy customer needs, the more your venture grows.

Consistently listen to comments and reply on time whether it’s a complaint or a compliment. Ignoring feedback especially after asking for it is detrimental to your company’s reputation. Even negative criticism is valuable as it still gives you an accurate barometer of customer satisfaction.

4. Connect

With technology, we’ve more ways to initiate conversations with customers than in yesteryears. With numerous online social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter just to name a few, reaching out to customers has never been easier.

Whenever interacting with clients online, ensure communication is two-way. Raise relevant questions and answer their queries.

Additionally, design a superb website and set up a blog to interact with customers and prospects. Foster customer relationships via your online presence.

5. Show appreciation

Loyalty discount programs are among the most common ways to recompense long-time customers. The program allows customers to earn points for every purchase made that meets a set threshold. After earning a predetermined number of points, customers enrolled in the program receive a reward like a discount on subsequent purchases.

You could also give away modest branded items like notepads, pens, hats, t-shirts or jackets. It’s an inexpensive but effective way of expressing appreciation to your customers.

In summary

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