Nintendo Wii U Gaming Console Has Come To UK At HMV

 Nintendo Wii U will come to the United Kingdom on Friday 30 November at the HMV Store in Oxford Street London.
Pre orders of the Wii you are in a high demand, although the HMV store has controlled an extra stock in this store so that customers can get this console on Friday Night .Large amount of buyers has been expected on that night.

There is some additional thing that first 100 customers will be getting who will be there at the event and that this is the free copy of New Super Mario Bros plus one more Wii U console game of their choice from limited games available.

There is a five pound gift voucher for the next 100 customers in the line and lots of other prizes such as goody bags for the first 500 people and many other prizes people will be getting during the course of this event.

Price of Wii u has been set according to sources is £250 (basic) ,£300 (premium)

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