Android App to Read Articles Later and Offline

Android App to Read Articles Later and Offline Almost all of us spent half the time of our day scrolling through social media posts or browsing the internet. While doing so, many times we stumble upon articles or videos that catch our attention in an instant & we fancy reading/watching them, but cannot manage to do so right away because of some other important pending task we need to do at that moment.

Android App to Read Articles Later and Offline

The best thing to do then would be to save them for later. Bookmarking is one option to get back to them in your spare time. But wouldn’t it be just perfect if you could access all those articles & videos in one place, on all your devices, anywhere, anytime and even without the need of internet? Or if you could carry around everything you need to read or watch in your pocket so you could enjoy them on your way to places when you are free & bored. That’s essentially what the Pocket app is made for!

Concept and Functionality

Originally created as an app called “Read it later” meant to store articles & web pages for offline reading only, it, later on, grew into a general-purpose app –POCKET, which allows you to bookmark, save & store articles, videos, web pages and almost everything you need to access at your leisure!

All you need to do is get the app, make an account, sign in & get started. Then, you can save any of the multimedia from anywhere-including your browsers & all favorite apps. Whether you are reading an article on your web browser or watching a YouTube video- Saving them to your Pocket is only a matter of taps. You only need to hit the android ‘share’ option to save media to Pocket, while viewing them.

The app doesn’t ask for any permissions and saves your media instantaneously. The app then lets you access everything you save, anytime you want and even simplifies your reading /viewing experience by removing all the extra stuff & ads in the saved version.

offline article reading

The Pocket app has a simple & clean layout, yet it is bright, colorful and animated, and hence makes for an appealing user-interface. It even lets you personalize the look & feel of your app by letting you choose the color theme, Font style & Font size for all your text articles. It integrates features like offline-saving mode & built-in text-to-speech to provide for a seamless reading experience. Besides, when it comes to handling media other than text, Pocket does that job well too.

With so many great features, it even stores all your media in an un-cluttered manner by allowing you to use tags for organizing them. This means you can access your desired media quite easily by searching for tags. Besides, with the seamless multiple-device sync feature that the app supports, you can access all your media from any of your devices with ease. Furthermore, the app’s built-in social-media sharing feature allows you to recommend your favorite articles to friends & the app even offers you personalized recommendations based on your saved media & preferences.


• Put articles, videos, and all kinds of media in your Pocket
• Save media from anywhere, including any browser and over 800 favorite apps like Facebook Twitter, Flipboard, and Feedly
• Automatically syncs across all your devices (phone, tablet, and computer)
• Offline viewing support for articles and web pages
• Unlimited storage
• Built-in text-to-speech feature
• Search by Title or URL
• Organize materials using the tagging system
• Quick direct sharing with other Pocket users
•  Integrated social network for publicly sharing articles and finding recommendations
• Instant import of URLs from your clipboard in the mobile apps

Last Verdict

Convenient & straightforward, Pocket is a convenient app to have. If you are one of those people who can easily be distracted by the media over the internet when you are not supposed to & would like saving multimedia on your device, to view them at your convenience, in an attractive & organized way – Pocket is the app you need!

AVAILABILITY: The basic app is available for Free on all platforms & devices but you can upgrade to a premium version which has added features for a subscription of $4.99/month or $44.99/year.


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