Best Online Photo Editing Application Pixlr

photo editingWith the launch of amazingly good cameras and classy camera-phones every day, capturing high-quality photos doesn’t take much effort now. But even though you might have made a significant shot, don’t you always end up with the enticement to kick it up a notch somehow?

No perfect picture cannot use a bit of photo-editing! Sometimes you may need to fix your images a bit by adjusting features such as lighting, brightness or contrast, or at other times you may just want to play around with any fun effects you could add to your pictures, to make them much more interesting than a camera could ever capture them as!

Best Online Photo Editing Application Pixlr

You may find many downloadable software & apps to meet your need on all those occasions, but nothing better than a free-to-use, online photo-editing tool packed with various powerful features that you can instantly jump into from anywhere(phone or PC), without any logins or experience required! That’s what PIXLR is all about!

Concept and functionality

Simple and user-friendly, PIXLR web application is designed to serve all your photo-editing needs, irrespective of your expertise in digital photography and editing. It has something for everyone.

As you head to the flash-based web-application by a simple click on your standard browser, the home screen lets you choose from 3 different PIXLR applications: PIXLR EDITOR, PIXLR EXPRESS, and PIXLR-O-MATIC.

pixlr photo editing app

PIXLR Editor is a sophisticated image-editing tool offering several essential as well as professional features like crop, smudge, Lasso, layers, masks, brush controls, and cloning. It is more suited for photo-retouching and graphic designing.

PIXLR Express lets you be more creative with your images by applying a variety of quick fixes, cool effects, and even borders & overlays to them. You can also vamp up your pictures by adding stylish texts & stickers to create cards or other innovative stuff.

PIXLR-O-MATIC adds a fun element to your photos along with a variety of enhancements, by offering a range of dramatic filters, interesting effects, and bewitching backgrounds. You can keep on experimenting with them & the overlays and frames it provides, to end up creating one of the zillion combinations or let the app randomize for you!

Besides being feature-packed, the app offers a straightforward interface with clearly organized tools, enabling natural scrolling and providing an efficient photo-editing experience.


• No account registration or subscription fee required
• No learning curve or complicated tools
• Straightforward and Customizable interface
• Ability to upload an image from device library, webcam or URL
• Easy to store and share the edited image on multiple platforms
• Supports a variety of image formats: .jpg, .gif, and even .psd files (Photoshop)
• Offers a range of superior photo-editing features for free
• Numerous basic photo-editing tools for beginners like crop, blur, smudge, etc.
• Various professional digital-editing features like masks & layers
• Several Photo adjustment tools like auto/manual levels, curves, hue & saturation
• Offers Image preview option & multiple undo’s
• A wide range of filters, effects, overlays, and background to choose from
• Ability to add customized text and stickers

Last Verdict

With features ranging from fundamental ones to the ones you can only find in excellent photography apps, PIXLR definitely looks like a great stop for everyone’s everyday photo-editing needs, whether it be most basic filter requirements or expert level editing. Owing to its functionality & ease, this one’s a handy option for amateurs and professional digital photographers alike!


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