Waterproof And Dustproof A Washable Keyboard By Logitech

Waterproof And Dustproof A Washable Keyboard  By Logitech

There is a one thing in our computers that faces more dirt’s or other stuffs from our side such as food, ashes or hair even. We usually don’t have that much time to clear it out because it would not only takes lots of time but it’s tricky too.

Thinking the above stated problems in mind, Computers accessory builders Logitech has come up with an astonishing Keyboard K310, which is waterproof and dustproof.

It’s an amazing keyboard it can take up to one foot water and you can wash it too.

According to  Logitech’s Director of Mice and Keyboards Sophie Le Guen says , 

We’ve all experienced that moment of distraction, followed by panic, when a cup of coffee or soda spills all over your keyboard.

You can see in this video too that the drink spills, upon K310 and what the person does just put it in the water, it is washed because it is designed to survive all these stuffs , it has a water drain feature on the back form there all water drains.
Separated keypads, characters on the keyboard are UV coated, it comes with a Brush and USB plug which are not waterproof. K310 is priced at US $39.9 and it’s only available in few countries by preorders through Logitech Site so, select your country and see  preorders are available in your country or else you have to wait till its released in the global market about in October 2012.


Seems interesting product like its slogan “The Keyboard that loves a wash”    
Want to know more about this Keyboard then visit Logitech Official website .

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