Best Duplicate Photo Finder Tool for MAC

Duplicate Photo Fixer Pro: Best Duplicate Photo Finder Tool for MAC

Duplicate photos occupy a lot of storage space on your system thus making it slow in speed and performance. These files can be generated due to various reasons like file sharing, downloading, taking backup and due to other reasons. You can delete these photo files by manually sifting through all folders for duplicate files or you can use duplicate photo finder tool such as Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro for your Mac. This amazing app is offered by software company Systweak Software.

How does it work?

The process of this app is very simple and user-friendly. It takes only a few steps to get rid of duplicate photo files from your system. It works primarily in 4 steps.

Add Photos: In the first step you need to add photos to folders, or iPhoto Libraries or from any other location to the scanning list. You can drag and drop the photo files direct to the scanning list as well to search for duplicate or similar looking photos.


Set Matching Criteria: After adding the photos to the scanning list you need to set matching criteria to find duplicate photos on your system. You can set matching criteria from Low to High to define whether you are looking for similar looking photos or exact photos. Here you need to select few more criteria to increase the accuracy level of the search results.


Scan Duplicate Photos: Once you have added the photos to the scanning list and defined the matching criteria you need to click on “Scan for Duplicates” button to initiate the scanning process based on your criteria. The app will scan your complete system for duplicate or similar looking photo files on it and will display the results.


Delete Duplicates: Based on the results found you can delete duplicate or similar looking photos in a single click. This way you can recover a lot of disk space for more important data.


Features of the App:

  • Drag-and-drop folders/Photos: You can select the photos from the library or photo folders for scanning process or you can simply drag-and-drop these folders to it.
  • Custom Comparison Settings: You can fully customize comparison settings from the available method according to your requirements. You can adjust the settings regardless of the image size or format.
  • Auto-Mark Duplicates: You can use the auto-mark feature to select all the duplicate photos except one in each group.
  • Quick look: You can have a quick look over duplicate photos before deleting them using this feature. Here you need not open every single photo individually.
  • Fast process: This app helps you scan duplicate photo files in really fast and effective manner. It can compare a large number of photos and folders within seconds time. It uses powerful algorithms to search for duplicate photos on your system.
  • Real-time results: You can change the matching level to check the real-time difference between scanning results.

Conclusion: This app offers instant and effective results. You can follow few simple steps to get rid of space-hogging duplicate photo files. It saves your time and efforts too. Strongly recommended.


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