Smart Writing Pad The Rowrite By ROYOLE

rowriteCES tech show produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA), is the most excellent gadget show ever and an excellent platform for innovators from all around the world to introduce their out-of-the-world technologies & smart solutions to the marketplace.

Smart Writing Pad The Rowrite By ROYOLE

CES 2018 recently held at Las Vegas featured everything you could not have imagined- from weird gadgets like therapeutic snuggling pillows, talking toilets & weight-reducing headbands, to brilliant products like roll-able OLED TV and AR sunglasses. Royole Corporation, a renowned Chinese tech company & a leading manufacturer of next-generation products & technologies, also showcased a variety of its flexible sensor-based products and made its mark with the launch of the unique Rowrite-smart writing pad.


Based on Royole’s patented flexible sensor technology, the Rowrite smart-writing pad comprises powerful magnets underlying the ultra-thin, sophisticated design characterized by a superior quality saffiano leather cover.

Royole’s Rowrite is essentially a paper-writing tablet with an integrated pressure-sensitive touchscreen accommodating real-time writing on traditional paper placed over it. By merging the advanced digital technology with conventional writing techniques, the smart writing pad allows the user to conveniently create, store and share all kinds of writings, drawings and other traditional written material for digital use.

Rowrite Smart Writing Pad

Instead of the less-real experience of directly writing over a tablet, Rowrite allows the user to write traditionally, using a special pen, on a paper placed over the smart writing pad where it is automatically saved and can be simultaneously transmitted to your smartphone over Bluetooth for on-device synchronization or cloud storage. Hence, the device can work without any smartphone or tablet, but it can be used more efficiently if paired with a smartphone using the companion apps. (Rowrite companion apps are available for both iOS & Android devices)


• Easy to use -Uses standard paper and standard pen-refills
• Real-time capture of stroke sequence and seamless digital storage
• Added creative flexibility -ability to change brush stroke weight and color
• 2048 force-touch handwriting sensitivity –ensuring an accurate capture of the written material without any writing breakoff or delay.
• Bluetooth pairing (Bluetooth core specifications. Version 4.2)
• Pressure-sensitive stylus
• Micro-USB charging interface
• One-key transmission -Click one key to share on various social apps
• Seamless cross-device sharing – Android & iOS support for smartphone and pad
• Provides a multi-media triple backup -data can be stored physically on paper, and digitally on local memory and on the cloud


The Rowrite smart writing pad provides an ideal combination of pen-to-paper experience and real-time digital storage & sharing, thus making it a powerfully useful gadget for students & professionals alike.

Availability: The Royale Rowrite Smart Writing Pad is available on for 799 Yuan, or about USD 120.


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