Alive Your Photos with Pixology a Powerful Photo editing application

Alive your photos with Pixology a powerful photo editing application for iOS devices in only $0.99. Pixology allows you to create and control multiple layers on photos to create amazing photo arts.

Simple and clean interface make it more superior and it seamlessly fits in your iOS 7 devices. Because the interface is so simple, users are able to focus on pictures rather than on an interface which in some photo editing apps found quite complicated.

Basically Pixology is an image editor that has various features, you can do layering and there are texture effects, you can tie in multiple layers to create something out of the cosmos. Once you are done with your editing you can save it on your device or share it on twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Powerful layer editing choose from 100 of textures and effects

Key features of Pixology as appeared on iTunes

Key Features:

  • Powerful and simple layer editing tool
  • 12 blend modes for unlimited layer blending
  • Multiple layer types including photos, textures, and effects
  • Zoom, rotate and free transform any layer
  • Multiple cropping ratios – not just square
  • Full control to reorder layers
  • Growing texture library
  • Multiple effects layers including brightness, contrast, exposure
  • Publish to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Save to your camera roll or send to other apps

Visit iTunes to download Pixology Photo editing application.


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