All Popular Social Networks In One Place iPhone App Fuse Social

All popular social networks in one place iPhone app Fuse: social, this application can handle all your social accounts at once. The application is interactive and has a good interface design.

For a social active person this app is likely to have, social networks till now that are included in this app are as follows Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. Support for Twitter and Facebook is free while for Instagram and LinkedIn it’s a onetime pay. You can fit all your updates from different social networks on a single interface plus you can share your updates with your social network at once. You’ll also receive notifications from Twitter and Facebook through Fuse to keep you up to date on what’s going on with your friends.

Fuse social network manager  All Social Account in one Place

Social network freaks must check out this iPhone application it will help them in keeping their interaction don’t wait and check out Fuse: Social.

Fuse: Social is free application you can download it from iTunes.

Features of Fuse: social as appeared on iTunes

  • Multiple Accounts – Add all your accounts for networks we support! Fuse loves it. You can quickly turn each network on or off in the app depending on your preference for the moment.
  • Unified Feed Views. – One network per tab? No way! All your networks are in one place.
  • Powerful Sharing. – Share to all your networks*.
  • Messages – See your direct Twitter and Facebook conversations in Fuse*.
  • Personal Interactions – Open the app to be notified of your Facebook and Twitter notifications!

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