Create Animations On iPhone Using The Animation Creator App

Animation CreatorCreate Animations on iPhone using the Animation Creator app, the application lets you make short animated videos and share your creations with the world.

Animation creator is a powerful app through which you can take still drawings and images then bring them to life. Once you have the character ready you can animate it using various options in this app, you can upload your animation also plus browse the other animated videos that are uploaded in the Cineverse social network.

This application is really good for the people who like to create animations with ease using various tools available, check out this application on iTunes Animation Creator will cost you $1.99.

Features of Animation Creator as Appeared on iTunes

  • Browse Cineverse! See what others have created!
  • Upload to Cineverse! Share your work, get discovered!
    Using Tools to Animate
  • High Res. Retina Drawing!
  • Beautiful Retina interface!
  • Full iPhone 5 Screen Support
  • No limits! Infinite frames and animations!
  • Full screen editing, no annoying tools or menus
  • Smooth, quality drawing experience
  • Export to Photo Library
  • Email video, Email project
  • Export image sequence
  • Upload to YouTube! 
  • Share on Twitter, Share on Facebook 
  • Import projects from Express version
  • Audio support
  • Superior frame management
  • Animation scrub tool
  • ‘Onion Skinning’, overlay of the previous / next frame
  • Layers with reordering
  • Import image to any layer (library or camera)
  • Undo and Redo (unlimited)
  • Paintbrush, with many brush stoke types
  • Ink Pen tool, with adjustable ink flow effect 
  • Pencil, with realistic tapering
  • Eraser
  • Rectangle, Line, Circle
  • Dropper Tool
  • Spray Can Tool
  • Flood fills, with tolerance adjuster
  • Select/Cut/Copy/Paste/Scale
  • Frame positioning
  • Frame rotation
  • Color selection palettes
  • Color selection sliders
  • Zooming and panning
  • Background from photo library, camera, frame
  • Add, delete and copy frames, easily
  • Quick menu system, touch and hold one finger
  • On the fly frame rate adjustment
  • IPhone 4 (S) and new iPod Touch support
  • 30fps for iPhone 4 and new iPod Touch



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