Sliding Bluetooth Keypad For iPhone 5 By NUU The MiniKey

NUU Minikey
 Virtual keyboard system in phones was introduced by Apple through implementing it in their first generation iPhone in 2007, where many of us get used to to it by typing it again and again although it is a bit difficult to use Virtual keyboard (touch system) and there are a lot of people who find it difficult to type using their touch keyboard especially when you are in a hurry so to resolve this issue for those who are not comfortable with virtual keyboards NUU has brought out a Mini Key Pad for iPhone 5.

NUU has just unveiled MiniKey for iPhone 5 which is a slide out Bluetooth Based Full Qwerty Keyboard with shortcut commands.

Keypad For iPhone 5 MiniKey

Look wise it is so familiar with iPhone that you won’t be able to recognize that is a separate part.

Features of NUU MiniKey include

  • Full 42 keys keypad
  • Keypad includes backlit which is always useful when working in bad lighting conditions
  • Raised Frame to protect your iPhone screen from scratches
  • Advanced Function Keys for quick edit text.
  • Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity

Pre-orders are available for MiniKey  By NUU through their official website. Minikey price is $59 so if you want it then click here.

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