5 Tips for making sure the DJ equipment you buy is right for you

DJ EquipmentIf you are new to the DJ scene, it is important to conduct as much research on the equipment as you can before investing your hard-earned money into it. Even DJ’s that have been on the road for years, make it a priority to conduct research on websites such as https://bestdjstuff.com before making a purchase. The reason for this is that one of the best ways to ensure that you invest in the right equipment is by finding out as much information about a manufacturer, product model, and customer satisfaction before spending a dime. By the end of this article, you will have a solid idea on how to make sure that the DJ equipment you are looking to buy is right for you and your needs.

5 Tips for making sure the DJ equipment you buy is right for you

 1. What type of DJ will you be? There are many types of DJ’s so before you invest in equipment, be sure to determine what type you want to be. Will you spend your career DJing weddings and special events, or will you strive to produce music or perform at nightclubs? Once you have determined your career goals, you can then begin to identify equipment that will coincide with your long term plans.

2. Decide on the type of turntable you will use. As a beginner, you may not think that the type of turntable that you use will make a difference. However, there are several types of turntables and it is important that you identify what you will feel most comfortable in playing. Will you choose vinyl, direct drive, or a belt drive turntable? Or will you choose to use a CD turntable instead of vinyl? Determining the type of turntable you will use is a critical step in finding the right equipment for your DJing needs. It is important to note that while other equipment pieces can be upgraded, you will likely want to hold on to your turntable for a long while so if you are going to invest a big chunk of money into anything, make it the turntable.

3. Avoid investing in the “DJ in a box” sets. While this is an economical way to start off your DJing career, it is not something that is considered a good idea. The reason for this is that while it is a great idea to use them to learn the basics, you will quickly outgrow their capabilities and then find yourself needing new equipment. Instead of buying one of these sets, consider investing in a few good pieces or buy some used equipment from a local resale shop.

4. Invest in a good mixer. Investing in a good mixer is important as you will connect it to your turntable and speakers to be able to emit the sound that you are creating as you DJ.

5. DJ headphones are more important than you may think. Avoid skimping on your DJ headphones. It is important to purchase a pair of headphones that allow you to listen to music through swivel cups. Another important feature to look for in a good set of headphones is a long coil wire or a set of headphones that are wireless.

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