Pumpkin vs monsters Android Game – Review

Pumpkin vs monsters is very addictive mobile games now a days with over a million downloads and has also gain user ratings. If you are among those who liked games like plants vs zombies, angry birds and bejeweled then you will also love this game too.

Game play

You have a collection of pumpkins of which you have to match theses pumpkins with order of their colors to flick the monsters who are marching towards you. The game also has some set of weapons which you have to purchase, you can easily purchase weapons by collecting coins and gems. Game has two modes endless mode with the hours you wish to play and the story that has 90 levels

Features of pumpkin vs monsters

  • Match at least three pumpkins to be in action
  • Flick pumpkins to attack
  • Two modes endless and story
  • Six different traits of pumpkins
  • Shop system

The more props or things you got there is more chances of clearing the level more quaickly.Game is strong enough to be attractive all elements in the game are clear and graphic according to my advice its worth checking out



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