Google Introduces New Internet Technology As Google Fiber

Google one of the largest tech organizations in the world, most renowned of its search engine capacities on the web, with advancement in technology Google has also opted various technologies as they adopted the Android technology , now they are moving more ahead and introducing  new technologies.

Google has now come to a new technology which they named as Google Fiber

What is Google fiber?

Google fiber not just involves one technology it is the combination of various technologies.

Google fiber offers an internet connection of speed 1000 times faster than of an average broadband that we today possess, fiber also includes a marvelous crystal clear HD TV. According to Google what they say about GOOGLE FIBER “it is not only internet, its Google fiber”.

How to get Google Fiber?

Getting Google fiber involves several steps. Having fiber is much more than a causal connection

It requires combining effort among Google Fiber, your fiber hood and stacks of fiber optics.

Currently Google Fiber is only available to the people of Kansas City, USA. Getting Google fiber for them is a three step process

Pre-register, Choose your package and schedule installs but all these processes involves various process, you can visit Google Fiber Official website for details

Plan and pricing of Google Fiber

Gigabit internet, plus TV for just 120$ per month (Up to one gigabit upload and download speed , Full channel TV lineup , two year contract ,No data caps, Nexus 7 tablet , TV Box ,Storage Box , Network Box , 1 terabyte Google Drive , $120 per month plus taxes and fees)

Gigabit internet for just 70$ per month (Up to one gigabit upload and download speed , No data caps , one year contract, 300$ waived construction fee Network Box included , 1 terabyte Google Drive , $70$ per month plus taxes and fees)

Free internet with an average internet speed you can upgrade any time to the above plans (Up to 5Mbps download, 1Mbps upload speed, No data caps, Free service assured for at least 7 years , Contains Network Box 300$ construction fee (one time or 12 monthly payments of $25) plus taxes and fees))

All your favorite TV channels Google fiber possesses and also in HD quality like never before


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 Author’s Remarks:

Hope you have learned and understand now what truly Google Fiber has? For you, when any assistance required regarding Google Fiber Don’t hesitate to comment we will attempt our greatest effort to resolve your queries; we will keep you updated regarding latest tech trends and news till then peace and blessing.

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