High end Bluetooth Headphones With Sound Personalization

high end wireless headphonesBeyerdynamic is a well-known name among audiophiles, recognized for producing high-quality audio devices ranging from headphones to microphones & wired to wireless audio systems. At CES 2018, Beyerdynamic introduced its latest production and impressed everyone yet again by launching a pair of wireless headphones like no other, with a whole new level of perfection.

High end Bluetooth Headphones With Sound Personalization

Beyerdynamic Amiron Wireless Headphones, sporting unmatchable sound quality and complete freedom of movement, promise a flawless & limitless music experience to all music fans. The overall excellence they offer makes them a real delight for audiophiles!

Design & Functionality

With an ultra-premium sound and comfortable design, Amiron Wireless Headphones by Beyerdynamic are specifically designed for extraordinary & extended wireless music experience.

While their sound quality is their highlight, these headphones even look as aesthetically flawless as they sound. The design features a metal headband and large ear-cups made up from highest quality materials, with sophisticated aluminum detailing. These are composed of Alcantara microfiber and Microvelour & covered with super soft foam. This not only makes them durable but also gives them an effortlessly comfortable feel, making them well-suited for extended wear.

Bluetooth wireless headphones

These headphones can be charged via USB-C charging port onboard and also controlled via touchpad integrated on the right ear-cup. The controls include the control for playback, phone calls, and voice assistants. A built-in microphone is also included for high-quality call handling. These wireless headphones can even be used as wired headphones using the included audio cable.

When it comes to sound, you’ll not find a better sounding pair of wireless headphones than Amiron Wireless. Not only the sound quality is incredibly superb, you’ll especially love the level of clarity, bass definition and range these headphones are capable of providing. The audio output is very dynamic & detailed. The low frequencies come out without any harshness, the mid-tones are clear, and even the high frequencies are stable and regular. The outstanding sound quality can be attributed to the fact that Amiron wireless features the great Tesla technology by Beyerdynamic and latest codecs such as aptX HD and Apple AAC. A unique sound personalization feature is also embedded via MIY app. Hence, all these great features & overall perfection makes for a great music experience & a gadget worth admiring!


• Sophisticated and highly durable design
• Uncompromising wearing Comfort
• Dynamic sound personalization
• Legendary sound quality with Tesla technology
• Deep bass and impressive clarity
• Incredible ease of use and portability
• Seamless wireless connectivity via Bluetooth 4.2
Broad frequency response ranging from 5Hz to 40KHz
• Intuitive control via touchpad
• More than 30 hours Battery Life
• Includes a USB-C charging cable and a 3.5mm audio cable for wired use

Last Verdict

Overall, the Amiron Wireless dramatically impresses with its ultimate ease of use and captivating music experience. Incredible comfort & exceptional sound quality, along with several great features, make these headphones the best Bluetooth headphones yet! As good as they feel & sound, these headphones will keep you effortlessly entertained on the go, no matter what you play!

Availability: Amiron Wireless Headphones are available online at the official site for $699.0


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