Good Quality Wireless Charging Stand By Nomad

nomad chargingThere’s no denying the fact that a world without wires is a lot less complicated. Of course, there’s nothing better than just dropping your devices onto a charging pad and letting things get to work themselves, without the need for plugging anything into your phone or looking for extra sockets all over the place just to plug your chargers!

That’s precisely why the wireless charging technology has been getting so popular in recent times, and this preference can be seen influencing world’s leading phone manufacturers, who are all launching their newest flagship phones with integrated wireless charging capabilities. The most recent example being APPLE, who has finally embraced the standard of wireless charging, with the launch of its most recent flagship phones: iPhone 8 and iPhone X.

Good Quality Wireless Charging Stand By Nomad

If you are one of those crazy Apple fans searching for an equally good charging companion for your phone, or an Android user simply tired of all the frustration you have to face every time your charging cable suddenly stops working, then there might be a number of wireless charging options available in the market to meet your need, but none as perfect as Nomad’s Wireless travel Stand.


Nomad’s beautifully crafted Wireless Travel stand has a rather flattering appearance and several unique features, to make it an ideal portable wireless charger.

Constructed using enhanced Polycarbonate Frame, it features molded antiskid TPE footing & a built-in aluminum kickstand that can be easily collapsed, enabling it to be used in different orientations and conveniently stored back when not in use, thus allowing for easy handling during travel. The premium Horween leather wrap gives it a sophisticated look while also protecting your phone from scratches and the sturdy rubber-base keeps it firmly over any surface (bedside, desk side) without slipping.

Wireless charging stand

As far as the actual purpose of wireless charging is concerned, the wireless travel stand has the capability to fast-charge your iPhone 8 and iPhone X with a 7.5 W output. Furthermore, the device is optimized for iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but it is also compatible with all wireless-charging supporting Android devices, and so it can be used by Android users as well.


• High power output (7.5 W)
• Flexible Kickstand for easy transport during travel
• USA plug style: 110-240V
• 1.5-meter cable from wall power source
• Wireless charging optimized for iPhone X/8
• Compatible with all wireless enabled Android phones


Stylishly and especially designed to be used along bedside/desk side, this unique charging device by Nomad, not only charges your phone extremely fast, but also lets you enjoy easy access to all your important notifications without you having to pick up your phone, and therefore makes for an ideal wireless charger, especially for travelling users.

The only drawback of the device might be that it needs powering up using a wall plug instead of the popular micro-USB or USB-C, meaning that you’ll need another cord to carry with you. Otherwise it is indeed a great option.
Availability: *The Nomad Wireless Travel Stand is priced at $59.95 and is available in ‘Slate Gray’ color, at Nomad’s official site

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