iPhone 7 Leather Wallet Case By MUJJO

iPhone 7 leather wallet case by mujjo is a better quality case and it perfectly matches with the style of an iPhone. If you are looking for a better quality leather wallet case at an affordable price, then mujjo case is a perfect mate for you.

Design and Material

Case is designed in such a manner that it can take upto 2 to 3 cards without adding any volume to your pocket. Crafted out of high quality vegetable-tanned leather, mujjo innovative design pattern makes it more unique when compared with other leather wallet cases.

mojo leather case

The suede-lined case interior is created from our signature vegetable-tanned leather. Smooth the surface with a sophisticated soft touch and a satin-like finish ensure luxurious padding comfort for your iPhone 7.

Back of the case has pocket slot that is carved with slant and stitched.

Constructed from a lasting, polished polycarbonate, our highly acclaimed Molded Edge Technology strengthens the durability of the leather at its most delicate stages.

side view mojo leather case


  • Get rid of bulky pockets
  • Suede interior
  • Understated craftsmanship
  • Moulded Edge Technology
  • Crafted from our Signature Leather


Mujjo leather wallet case for iPhone 7 seems a good quality product that can not only gives style to your iPhone 7 but also adds style to your iPhone. Its stylish curved card holder on the back of the case gives a major boost to this case.

Price: €39.90 via official website

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