Elegance Aluminum Bumper For iPhone 5 From DRACO

elegance aluminum bumperElegance aluminum bumper for iPhone 5 from DRACO, it is designed in such a way to fit in the open round grip of your hand and comfortably stay in your hand.

Elegance aluminum bumper provides all round edge protection, protects the rear side from surface by rising it while absorbs shocks using disclosed silicon pads. Intensity control is transmuted with the use of a simple initiative single bar design.

Signal noise is minimized by porting-out both top and bottom, the imperceptibly thicker mute slider ensures more positive feedback. The Draco Elegance Aluminum Bumper delivers tactile and aesthetic pleasure, evoking an emotional response and communicating refinement.

Elegance aluminum bumper for iPhone 5 is available in combination of multiple colors, on casemotions.com there are two combination available gold/red and gold/black. Prices at $99.95 , click here to visit online store page of casemotions.

Some other Key points of Elegance aluminum bumper for iPhone 5

  • For all versions of iPhone5
  • Aircraft grade aluminum
  • Precision 5 axis CNC process
  • Ergonomics grip design
  • Designed in California USA
  • Made in Taiwan

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