High Class Wallet Case Soft-Tec Wallet for iPhone 5c

Looking for a storage case or wallet case for your iPhone 5c but don’t know what to choose. Have a look at a high class wallet case Soft-Tec wallet for iPhone 5c. Soft – Tec wallet is the product of element case a renowned case maker for smartphone and tablets.

Wallet case From Element Case

Description of the product

The product delivers a sleek folding design which ensures portability and functionality. The outer part of Soft-Tech wallet case for iPhone is built with non-slip synthetic coating which promises to deliver a firm grip. The inside part of case is manufactured with plush synthetic suede which protects touchscreen your iPhone 5C.

Wallet case For iPhone 5c Stand View Case

A high quality polycarbonate shell holds the iPhone 5C in this case that is coated in a black rubber tone stain finish which enriches the look and feel of the case. As this is a wallet case so there are slots for storing IDs, currency, your business cards, etc.

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Features of Soft-Tech Wallet for Apple iPhone 5c

  • It has a slim and lightweight design
  • Protective and long-lasting Tech-Grip covering
  • Interior part is made from Plush synthetic suede
  • There are pockets for holding ID cards, Currency or any other cards
  • Includes an adjustable stand for comfortable viewing
  • Have an opening for the camera lens
  • Easy access to all buttons and jacks

Purchase Soft-Tech Wallet for Apple iPhone 5c from Element case for only $39.95

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