Wireless Smartphone Charger Elite CE700 That Supports Qi Standards

ADATA Taiwanese company a prominent manufacturer of storage and storage devices of computers. Out of their forte they have released a wireless Smartphone charger Elite CE700 that supports Qi standards. Elite CE 700 wireless charger utilizes the latest wireless power consortium (WPC) Qi wireless charging specifications.

ADATA Wireless Charging Pad

Now you don’t need wire to charge your Smartphones, Simply Place your Smartphone on ADATA Elite CE700, power will automatically transferred to your smartphone. Its exceptional design allows you to charge your Smartphones in Flat or upright positions.

When charging on upright position means in standing mode, you can use your Smartphone also while it is charging. CE700 ensures protection of your Smartphone it is equipped with safety bars.

Foreign object detection: wheneverevr there is a metallic object between your Smartphone and charger stand, charger automatically powers off and alert user with and led indicator.

High Voltage protection: whenever voltage exceeds from the safe level, CE700 will stop charging preventing damage.

Over heat protection: whenever the temperature exceeds over the safety level, the charger will automatically stop to prevent charging stand and Smartphone from damage.

CE700 wireless charger has stylish and fresh looks, it is comprised of premium materials an aluminum back panel combined with an anti-skid rubber surface on the charging pad.

Price of Elite CE700 Wireless Charging Stand is still unknown, however you can see the list of retailers and online partner for your region where this product will be available once released.

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