Adds Additional Battery To iPhone 5 PowerSkin’s Battery Case

PowerSkin Battery Case For iPhonePowerSkin has released its latest battery case for iPhone the new case model no BC01AEIP51-BK which found to be PowersSkin’s thinnest case with just adding 0.3 inch to iPhone 5.
Add Juice To iPhone
With PowerSkin’s Battery case 1500 ah of battery power added to your iPhone 5 to use it throughout days and nights.

This case innovatively designed in one piece silicone, soft touch case slides and smoothly wraps around iPhone this iPhone case not only adds extra battery but it also provide protection from shocks , dust and scratches.

Case has an on-off button so you can start adding battery from the case with a simple touch, on a case backside you will see 4 blue LED lights which are indicators to show battery level and charge status. Earphone extender for Apples EarPod and 3.5mm headphones is also included.
PowerSkin battery case (BC01AEIP51-BK) for iPhone is available for $79.99, you can get this from PowerSkin Website.If you want to purchase this battery case or you want to know more about it click here to visit official site. 

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