Rechargeable Bluetooth Laser Mouse Sony VAIO VGP-BMS77

Sony VAIO VGP-BMS77 Bluetooth Laser Mouse
Sony products have always been reliable and innovative since its inception and another example of this is their innovation wireless chargeable Bluetooth mouse. The Sony VAIO VGP-BMS77wireless Bluetooth laser mouse

Place your mouse on chargeable device and you are now set. Long battery life, the mouse has five buttons and a scroll wheel, its light weight mouse.

This great device is priced at USD 99.9

Prominent Features of Sony VAIO VGP-BMS77wireless Bluetooth laser mouse include:

  • A strong frame holding device which is a charger, which helps your mouse to charge and prevent it from slipping
  • It’s a laser mouse and a power full laser which allows users to use it on almost any surface with correct precisions
  • Includes five buttons, in which forward and back buttons which user life easy when browsing
  • Amazing battery life of one month, when fully charged
  • Variable sensor resolution of 800, 1200 and 1600 dpi


Compatible with Bluetooth enabled notebooks which are preinstalled with Windows 7, Vista and XP operating systems.

For further compatibility options and detailed information visit the official website 

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