Monster Dungeons Android App where You Can Grow Your Own Monsters

Have you ever been addicted to Pokemon? Or have you ever dream to dominate the Monster World and possess strong, skillful and adorable Monsters? Join Monster Dungeons where you can grow your own Monsters, power them up and hunt various kinds of Monsters in mysterious Dungeon.

Android game Monster Dragon

The aim of this game is exploring the dungeon with collecting and raising monsters. As the battle in dungeon, you’ll see puzzles connected with the RPG. In the puzzle, combining the gems with the same color and the shape will be the key. Getting more combos enhances your monster, and its effect will also be changed. Monsters can be combined or evolved to be more powerful. There are more than 200 monsters with great designs.

Features of the app

  • More than 200 monsters. 
  • Puzzle battling with strategic feature. 
  • You can enhance and evolve your monsters. 
  • Creating chains in the puzzle will affect your monsters’ attack. 
  • You can put 2 more monsters with the main one for better result. (If you put one in front of the main monster, attacking power will increase. Likewise, monster behind the main one will help defense

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