High Quality Screen Protector Range For iPhone 5 Steinheil

SPIGEN Screen Protector
When we buy an iPhone or other Smartphones, the first thing which comes to our mind is its protection. As the new iPhone 5 arrived many manufacturers has released case protector and screen protector for it. But no one has offered a wide variety and durability than Spigen products such as their case protector the slim armor case .

IPhone 5 case screen protector Steinheil has been specifically built to fit , it is built from premium silicon and user can easily wipes finger prints and marks plus it is anti-ultraviolet rays coated . Responsiveness of iPhone touch feature will not be lost.

There are 4 types of screen protector has been developed which are listed below

Ultra Crystal >> Ultimate Clarity

The ultra Crystal film is a best quality film with a solid surface. It protects the LCD screen from scratches and is crystal clear for categorically no interference in display precision.

Ultra-Fine >> Anti-Fingerprint

Ultra-Fine film is a great quality film with a a little textured film with a 30% increased light transmittance. The Ultra-Fine is effective in stopping glare, blurs and fingerprints

Ultra Oleophobic >> Oil Resistant

Ultra oleophobic film skins an oil-resistant coating to avoid smudges resulting from oil, cosmetics, and other chemicals. Any marks and fingerprints can be rubbed away easily.

Ultra Optics >> Anti-Fingerprint with Clarity

The ultra-Optics film is a premium position screen protector that features a micro lens array surface layer. The micro lens array on the surface of this matte anti-fingerprint film intensely increases the light transmission while proposing a brilliant, smooth surface texture with smudge resistant property.

All these four types of screen protectors which built for different circumstances are priced at $13.99 each. want to know more or need to purchase it visit official website of SPIGEN 

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