Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Combo By Anker

If you are one of those people who are stuck with a computer screen for half your day, you would know the importance of having a cleaner desk setup with better mobility. Whether you are seeking one for an improved working, browsing or gaming … [Read more...]

Wireless Multi Device keyboard for PC, Tablet and Smartphone

Have you ever thought of a keyboard device which can work on your PC, Smartphone or tablet, if yes then your thought has been turned into reality. Thanks to Logitech that has introduced a wireless multi device keyboard for PC, Tablet and Smartphone. … [Read more...]

The Ultra Slim wireless 3.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Which Is Fast And Light

The ultra slim wireless Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard which is fast, effective and works more efficiently as compared to virtual keyboards, this keyboard is lightweight you can use it with iPad or any other tablet that has Bluetooth connectivity. … [Read more...]