2 in one USB Drive the Micro USB And USB 2.0 For Android By Sony

Sony has announced the 2 in one USB flash drive with micro USB and USB 2.0, the device is especially built for Android Smartphones and tablets. The Sony Micro USB flash drive connects in your Android device with a micro USB port, additionally, it … [Read more...]

Attachable lens camera series For Smartphones By Sony QX100 And QX10

Sony has finally put in its new attachable lens camera series for Smartphones. Both new devices introduced while using series are DSC-QX100 and DSC-QX10. A camera that will assist iOS and Android Smartphones through the PlayMemories mobile … [Read more...]

Sony Xperia SP Available In USD 299.95 From Mobile Carrier Bell

Sony Xperia SP available in USD 299.95 from mobile carrier¬†Bell, the smartphone is also available for free with a two year contract with the carrier this sounds a great deal as as the device features a decent set of specifications, as far as the … [Read more...]

Unlocked Sony Xperia M In UK With A price Of 189.98 British Pounds

Unlocked Sony Xperia M in UK ¬†with a price of 189.98 British pounds including taxes, those anxiously looking for a SIM free version there wait is over now you can get Xperia M from Unlocked Mobiles. The Sony Xperia M is a Smartphone which features … [Read more...]