App That Tracks How Far You Run Fitness Tracker

Why laze around with a phone in your hand all day, when you can use it to stay fit? Who doesn’t like staying fit anyway? But the trouble is, keeping a record of your activities and fitness goals can be tricky, and it’s not even easy to keep yourself … [Read more...]

A good Photo Editor App For Android and iOS

We already established the fact that no matter how good a picture is, there’s always scope for a bit of editing to further enrich it. With numerous specialized photo-editing apps available, Photo-editing has become rather effortless and experimenting … [Read more...]

App That Lets You Transfer Money Online

Every one of us wishes to avoid embarrassing situations, especially when it comes to matters of money. Not having the exact cash to pay while collectively paying a bill, & then completely forgetting to payback your friend who paid the extra … [Read more...]

Grammar Correction and Plagiarism Detection iOS App

Creativity is like defeating plagiarism with originality. A creative mind speaks a thousand stories. It acts as a scavenger hunt and creates an inspiration. Writing is all about pouring your heart out on a paper and plagiarism is an injustice to your … [Read more...]

Best Media Player for iPhone Supports Max Formats

iPhone is the world’s best-selling & the most popular phone of the 21st century. This beast almost has pretty much everything, but its limited support for media file format is a significant destruction. To cope up with a situation like this, a … [Read more...]

Math Problem Solving App PhotoMath

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Camera + iOS App Latest version 5 Released With Improved Features

Camera + iOS App latest version 5 released with new interface and flattened icon for iPhone users, the latest application update has several major features. As you can see the visible difference within the application icon, you+ 5.0 totally becomes … [Read more...]