Remove Third Party Apps from Facebook Android and Web Version

Now and then while surfing the internet, we may stumble upon a website that requires us to sign-in using an account ID or creates a new account. At that moment, if we have a choice, most of us usually chose to sign-in using our Facebook account, to … [Read more...]

Disable Auto playing Facebook videos on PC and Android

In the recent Facebook feature update Facebook has enabled by default the video auto playing, which means that whenever you are scrolling on your Facebook timeline and video appears it will start playing automatically. Auto play videos can be useful … [Read more...]

How to do Group Chat in Facebook Messenger App on iPhone

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How To Disable Your Facebook Email Address

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How to add Privacy to Facebook Account

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How to Remove Location Sharing From Facebook Posts

Have you ever thought about the content you share on Facebook, most of the people share everything on Facebook they do not though what needs to be shared or not. These types of posting some time automatically adds a common location to your Facebook … [Read more...]

How to Delete an Attachment and Messages from Facebook chat

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Facebook Home Available to Download for some Android Phones

Facebook Home Available to Download for some Android Phones on Google Play store. Facebook Home is the modified version of Facebook’s new Android App launcher which mainly aims to bring people-graduation to your smartphones. However, only few of … [Read more...]