The Ultra Slim wireless 3.0 Bluetooth Keyboard Which Is Fast And Light

The ultra slim wireless Bluetooth 3.0 keyboard which is fast, effective and works more efficiently as compared to virtual keyboards, this keyboard is lightweight you can use it with iPad or any other tablet that has Bluetooth connectivity. … [Read more...]

The Three In One Laser Pointer,Pen And Stylus In Only $29.99

The three in one Laser pointer,Pen and stylus in only $29.99, don’t need to carry so many utensils with you when these three in one product by Graffin can do all good for you. You can use it at home or at work this will help you equally good at … [Read more...]

Capture And Edit Screen Shots Awesome Screenshot Capture & Annotate

Screen shot feature in the browser is a must have these days and no better than an Awesome Screenshot Capture & Annotate by Diigo. This screen shot tool is an extension for chrome which has a good interface and it is fast and rich. Awesome … [Read more...]

New Application Of MediaFire For Android Platform Launched

MediaFire a popular online file storage provider has recently launched its newly developed Android Application. The great thing is that MediaFire has allowed 50GB of free storage with a limitation of 200MB of max file size to be uploaded.Now store … [Read more...]

App Lock Android App Review – Protect your Privacy

When you have so many Applications or private thing in your smart phone, then you started warring about the protection and privacy of your things but not any more now because now there is an app of named App Lock which will handles this for you.How … [Read more...]