High Quality Aluminum Finished iPhone 6 Case

Have just bought an iPhone 6 and now looking for a high quality case that will not only protects but also give style to your iPhone 6, wait for a moment here because today we are presenting the high quality aluminum finished iPhone 6 case which will … [Read more...]

Access Online Streaming of World Popular channels via UnoTelly

Have you ever wished to watch channels like Netflix, Hulu Plus, BBC iPlayer, etc. but due to the region restriction not been able to watch it, now you simply do not need to worry about it anymore because your wished has certainly been granted by … [Read more...]

PicoAir a Portable Projector for a Smartphone

By using a smartphone, we normally share videos and pictures with our friends and family, it often happens when sitting around with friends and watching videos on smartphone built on a tiny screen of a smartphone it very hard when you have a large … [Read more...]

5 Ways to Save Money With Your Mobile Phone

For most people, a mobile phone is a great convenience device that lets them package several other gadgets into one, while still being able to make phone calls. In fact, for some people mobiles have even replaced the computer as their device of … [Read more...]

SenseCover is a Touch Sensitive case for iPhone 5

Moshi is a US based company expertise in manufacturing products for Smartphones, tablet and computers. Their products are unique and inventive because they are built using creative ideas. Moshi products are available throughout the world, including … [Read more...]

SteelSeries STRATUS a Wireless Gaming Controller for iOS Devices

SteelSeries is a Danish company and for more than a decade they are manufacturing gaming gadgets and accessories which include keyboard, mouse, headset, game controllers etc. Their latest addition to gaming gadget is SteelSeries¬†STRATUS a wireless … [Read more...]

Wireless Smartphone Charger Elite CE700 That Supports Qi Standards

ADATA Taiwanese company a prominent manufacturer of storage and storage devices of computers. Out of their forte they have released a wireless Smartphone charger Elite CE700 that supports Qi standards. Elite CE 700 wireless charger utilizes the … [Read more...]

Kogan Released 55 inches 4K Android Powered LED TV for Only AUS$999

Australian based High end electronic goods company Kogan has released 55 inches 4K Android powered LED TV for only AUS$999. This compares to only ¬£542 in the UK. The Kogan 55-inch UHDTV will offer a 3840 x 2160 resolution LED display. It will also … [Read more...]

2 in one USB Drive the Micro USB And USB 2.0 For Android By Sony

Sony has announced the 2 in one USB flash drive with micro USB and USB 2.0, the device is especially built for Android Smartphones and tablets. The Sony Micro USB flash drive connects in your Android device with a micro USB port, additionally, it … [Read more...]

Electroplated Finish Stylish iPhone 5c Case From iFrogz Electra 2.0

Electroplated Finish Stylish iPhone 5c case from iFrogz Electra 2.0, this case is sleek which perfectly agrees with your iPhone 5c and because of its slim design it does not add bulk to your phone it can easily be put in your pocket and purses. … [Read more...]