BladePad A Removable Game pad For IPhone

When playing games on Smartphones such as the iPhone and Android, you will always find some uneasiness While playing, but not any more now because Bladepad an iPhone detachable game pad has arrived to rescue, a unique kind of the game pads in the … [Read more...]

Speed Up Your Websites With Goggle Page Speed Service Updated

Google one of the giants in the field of internet technologies, has recently launched an update about their Page Speed Service. For those who don’t know about it, Page Speed Service is an Online Service from Google which provides spontaneous speeds … [Read more...]

Protect Your Facebook Pictures With A Plug-in

Maximum numbers of users around the world uses Facebook, but most of them don’t care about the security measures over social site. Some who cares have to work a lot to protect their things on Facebook but any more work for you people now as there is … [Read more...]

Google Purchasing Wildfire A social Media Marketing Company

 The search engine giant Google will be buying wildfire, the company wildfire specializes in social media marketing and provides services to business such as Cirque du Soleil and Spotify that copes social media efforts throughout the … [Read more...]

Google Postponed Nexus Q Launch And sent Free Pre-Orders

Google has delayed its Nexus Q launch that was supposed to be launched in July, to make up for the lost time ,Google are now sending the Nexus Q free to those who pre-ordered it.Still Google is not clear on the thoughts when they will release Nexus 7 … [Read more...]

Is Facebook Phone Due To Be Launched

Recently a survey has been conducted on over a topic of would you buy a Facebook phone, survey was conducted by a UK based (Digital marketing company) Greenlight.Results were amazing about half of the people said they would not buy a Facebook phone … [Read more...]

Google Introduces New Internet Technology As Google Fiber

Google one of the largest tech organizations in the world, most renowned of its search engine capacities on the web, with advancement in technology Google has also opted various technologies as they adopted the Android technology , now they are … [Read more...]