Tabeo Tablet Especially Designed For Children And Youngsters

Android comes to charm children and younger generation, Toys R Us has announced that they will be providing a Tablet powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which is especially built for children although we have seen children using iPad or other … [Read more...]

Google Purchases An Online Scanning Tool VirusTotal

Google the search engine giant has purchased an online scanning service of malware and URL VirusTotal, the announcement came this past Friday that VirusTotal has now become the partner with Google Inc.For those who don’t know what the Virus Total is, … [Read more...]

Baidu Has Launched Its Mobile Browser As Baidu Mobile Browser

The most popular search engine in china Baidu has released its mobile browser on September 3,2012 , that will help Baidu to secure its market in mobile devices as in china , majority of the users use mobile for internet access about 388 million that … [Read more...]

Search Friends Facebook Photos Using Bing

Microsoft has introduced a new feature in its search engine, which allows its users to search Facebook Uploaded photos of your connections.Now you can search Facebook photos, like it and add comments to them even right on Bing, Microsoft has … [Read more...]

Waterproof And Dustproof A Washable Keyboard By Logitech

There is a one thing in our computers that faces more dirt’s or other stuffs from our side such as food, ashes or hair even. We usually don’t have that much time to clear it out because it would not only takes lots of time but it's tricky … [Read more...]

Nexus 7 Reaches France ,Germany and Spain Through Google Play

Google’s new tablet Nexus 7 after releasing in some parts of Europe in late July, on Monday 27, August 2012 it went on sale in France, Germany and Spain. Nexus 7 is powered by Android Latest version Jelly Bean and got the quad core processing … [Read more...]

Samsung New windows 8 Notebook Promo

Few months left away for Microsoft new operating system windows 8 is due to be launched, the manufacturing partners started to promote.   Samsung new notebook featuring windows 8 operating system has been teased on Samsung notebook official video … [Read more...]

High Quality Gaming Tablet With An Quad Core Processing Power

Whenever people purchase portable e-gadgets such as Smartphones, Tablets and Pads they usually go with style and quality and there are lots of others who go by gaming and entertainments. Devices which can play hardcore games because those days are no … [Read more...]

Facebook Faster and High Performance App For iPhone And IPad

After waiting so long,as this was part of the move from social media company Facebook to increase the numbers of users get into Facebook from Their Smartphones or Pads.So, Facebook a social media giant has come up with a smarter and faster Facebook … [Read more...]

worlds Biggest 84 Inches Ultra Definition 3D TV Released By LG

LG one of the titans in the electronic industry and world no 2 in TV industry has released one of the world biggest ultra definition 3D Smart TV, the size of the TV is 84 inches. If you don’t understand how big is 84 inches, so in other words it … [Read more...]