Chinese Tablet Makers Freelander Has Announced Two Android Tablets Featuring Cortex-A9 Processors

The Freelander has launched two dashing Android tablets this week, namely RK3188 PD80HD and PD900 both are powered by Cortex-A9 Processors. Some of the details of both the tablets are provided below. … [Read more...]

A Low Cost 7 Inch Android Tablet Featuring Jelly Bean 4.1 The Genesis Prime

 Ematic launched a low cost tablet Genesis Prime, 7 inch tablet with Android OS jelly bean 4.1 and the cost is only $79.99 wow what an affordable price. Roy Rayn, President of Ematic says     With Google Play, we [Ematic] were able to … [Read more...]

HP Brings An Affordable Tablet Slate 7 With Dual Core Processor

HP one of the renowned makers of computer, Laptops and other accessories related to computers has brought one more attractive thing their new 7 inch Android Based tablet the Slate 7 with an astonishing affordable price starting at $169.              … [Read more...]

Low Cost Tablet Of Acer Iconia B1 16 GB Version Launched

Acer has just launched their low cost tablet the Iconia B1 16 GB version For Europe, Middle East and Africa after the 8 GB version of Iconia B1 Powered By Android Jelly Bean 4.1 make its debut at CES 2013.Price in Europe has been set at €139, the … [Read more...]

Samsung Galaxy Note II Available in New Color Martin Pink Version

Great news for Galaxy Note II fans in Korea because Samsung has recently released their flagship phablet the Galaxy Note II in a Martin Pink version. Those who might not know the Samsung in early September in 2012 also released a Galaxy S III version … [Read more...]

Tablet For Kids From Polaroid Powered By Android

There are very few tablets in the market for kids because no one thought seriously about it, but there are some who have thought and developed tablets for kinds such as Tabeo tablet and now Polaroid has also come up with a tablet especially designed … [Read more...]

Aocos PX102 Tablet With Detachable Keyboard In Reasonable Price

Now almost every tablet makers have started supplying a keyboard with a tablet, which was initiated by Asus but this time is a China company who has done that and it’s in  the most reasonable price of among those transformable tablets.The latest … [Read more...]

Microsoft Surface Tablet Price Released And Available For Pre Orders

Microsoft revealed at last the price tag of their much awaited Surface tablet computer, which will Cost you $499.The price is announced by Microsoft on Tuesday before the October 26, 2012 launched. Pre orders will be available from the Microsoft … [Read more...]

Tabeo Tablet Especially Designed For Children And Youngsters

Android comes to charm children and younger generation, Toys R Us has announced that they will be providing a Tablet powered by Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich which is especially built for children although we have seen children using iPad or other … [Read more...]

High Quality Gaming Tablet With An Quad Core Processing Power

Whenever people purchase portable e-gadgets such as Smartphones, Tablets and Pads they usually go with style and quality and there are lots of others who go by gaming and entertainments. Devices which can play hardcore games because those days are no … [Read more...]