Halo 4 Covenant Weapons Trailer Video Released

Those who have an interest in shooting or action games or who are fans of the Halo game series, it’s good news for them because the new weapons trailer of Halo 4 Has been released that has revealed the weapons available in Halo 4.According to sources … [Read more...]

Internet Explorer Under Threat New Bug Found

Microsoft internet explorer has been under threat; Microsoft has asked all its windows based users to install free security software to protect their computers from a newly found bug in the Internet Explorer.According to sources and researchers say … [Read more...]

PayPal For Windows Phone App Is Now Avalible

Good news for the windows Phone user who are using the 7.5 version or higher, because PayPal has officially released an application for the windows Phone.Now no more waiting because windows phone users can also use PayPal like other Smartphones … [Read more...]

Samsung New windows 8 Notebook Promo

Few months left away for Microsoft new operating system windows 8 is due to be launched, the manufacturing partners started to promote.   Samsung new notebook featuring windows 8 operating system has been teased on Samsung notebook official video … [Read more...]

Microsoft’s Latest Artistic Series Mice With Blue Track Technology

Microsoft largely renowned for its operating system windows, its latest product the artist series mice which Microsoft has called, have just been released today. The notion behind this wireless mouse is simple to turn mouse style according to your … [Read more...]

Microsoft Retiring Out Hotmail And Introducing New Email Service

 Microsoft one of the leading organizations in the field of developing operating systems for computers, Microsoft has an email service named Hotmail which is very popular, the news is that Microsoft has decided to put the shutters down on Hotmail and … [Read more...]