Samsung Wallet Android Application Your One Step Destination

Samsung Wallet Android Application that allows you to save boarding passes, coupons, membership cards and event ticket provided that you must own a Galaxy device of the following models. Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy Note 1. … [Read more...]

LG G2 Smartphone Unveiled With Specification And Availability

LG G2 unveiled with specification and availability, the latest flagship Smartphone by LG G2 is the first product of “G” series of premium devices. The launch event took place in New York with 700 hundred guests from 30 different countries took … [Read more...]

First person shooter Game For iPhone The Drowning Horrible Zombie Game

First person shooter game for iPhone The Drowning is a horrible zombie game and introduces an intuitive tap-based control scheme that adds a novel feel to its gameplay. Disasters have come and gone but some suspicious disasters have turned … [Read more...]

Capture Your Own video effectively VIXIA Mini compact personal Camcorder

Canon newly announced camcorder capture your own video effectively, the VIXIA Mini compact personal camcorder is a unique gadget which lets you become the star of your own videos. Capture videos of your lovely moments, your hobbies or whatever you … [Read more...]

BlackBerry Newest QWERTY Smartphone Q5 available From Virgin Mobile

BlackBerry newest QWERTY Smartphone Q5 available from Virgin Mobile in United Kingdom. Prominent features of BlackBerry Q5 includes 3.1 inch of the touchscreen with resolution of 720 x 720 pixels , full a full QWERTY keyboard and 5 megapixel of rear … [Read more...]

Create Animations On iPhone Using The Animation Creator App

Create Animations on iPhone using the Animation Creator app, the application lets you make short animated videos and share your creations with the world. Animation creator is a powerful app through which you can take still drawings and images then … [Read more...]

Stay Connected With Friends And Family Use TextNow Windows Phone App

Stay connected with friends and family use TextNow Windows Phone app, if you live in the USA or Canada you are the lucky ones because TextNow app lets you do free texting. When you sign up using this app you will be allotted a dedicated phone number … [Read more...]

Boost Up talk Time Adds Additional Power To Samsung Galaxy S4

Boost up talk time adds additional power to Samsung Galaxy S4 Incipio offGRID case, it’s good for those who required a little extra juice. Incipio has released this case which adds 3100mAh battery case for Galaxy S4. Incipio OffGRID case consists of … [Read more...]

SIM Free Version Of HTC One Mini UK Price Is $577.99

SIM free version of HTC One Mini UK price is $577.99 that can be found on Mobile Fun, a mobile phone retailer this price is for the SIM free version of HTC Once Mini including taxes. The HTC One Mini arrives with a 4.3 inch HD display with a … [Read more...]

Zumba Dance Android App Tracks Your Movements While You Dance

Zumba Dance Android app tracks your movements while you dance, the game uses your camera and detects motion you have seen motion based dance games on the device such as Microsoft's Kinect. Zumba dance uses the available technology in your Android … [Read more...]