Apple’s Latest IPad AT Last Released In China

Apple at last released its new IPAD For sale in china after facing a Long lawsuit which lasted about four month; lawsuit was filed by Shenzhen Proview Technology (local china company) over the ownership of IPAD name.Apple said they had bought global … [Read more...]

What are The Features Of Android 4.1 Jelly Beans

Google as we all know is considered as a giant in search engines all over the world, and it is true because Google covers around 80 percent of the search share in the world, as this is not only thing Google Had offered this world but Google also … [Read more...]

Comparing Nexus 7 and iPad – performing various tests

Nexus 7 of Google VS  iPad of AppleThe Nexus 7 is in no exactly a true iPad competitor, but it’s certainly the fieriest Android tablet in town. And while we can’t honestly compare Google’s and Apple’s devices since they’re principally tablets that … [Read more...]

Workout Trainer Android App – Your personal Fitness Trainers Android App Review

Encouraging yourself to go to gym daily  is very much difficult now days because of various reasons, people don’t have time to go to gym and even in the winter seasons when people feels lazy and cold the situation even become worst ,then Android App … [Read more...]

Power AMP Music Player – Plays all major formats Android App Review

When you have smart phones then it’s obvious that you would like to have a good music player, there are some good players in android that falls in the good category and one of them that nowadays is very much popular in android devices is Power AMP … [Read more...]

Givit – Private Video Sharing IPhone App Review

Video sharing now days are very much popular, its trend these days many people share their home videos of birthday parties or any other function. The problem with these sharing is that the videos that you shared on the internet is your private things … [Read more...]

Gone Fishing: Trophy Catch Android Game Review – Fish Catching Game

Fish games lovers and people who like to catch fish or it’s their hobby then Gone Fishing is the perfect game for you infect those who don’t know much about catching fish they will also enjoy playing this game. Gone fishing has many versions released … [Read more...]

Pak TV Global Android App Review – Watch Live Stream TV Channels

When you are in travel or outside of your home , you always wants to be updated what is happing around in the world , you always get into situations like this your favorite program or any sports that you like is been telecasted and are outside due to … [Read more...]

App Lock Android App Review – Protect your Privacy

When you have so many Applications or private thing in your smart phone, then you started warring about the protection and privacy of your things but not any more now because now there is an app of named App Lock which will handles this for you.How … [Read more...]

Pumpkin vs monsters Android Game – Review

Pumpkin vs monsters is very addictive mobile games now a days with over a million downloads and has also gain user ratings. If you are among those who liked games like plants vs zombies, angry birds and bejeweled then you will also love this game … [Read more...]