Google Purchasing Wildfire A social Media Marketing Company

 The search engine giant Google will be buying wildfire, the company wildfire specializes in social media marketing and provides services to business such as Cirque du Soleil and Spotify that copes social media efforts throughout the … [Read more...]

Run Fatty Run Android Game A Chasing Game

Games that we usually play on our Smartphones most of them are conventional games like Racing, Shooting etc. But there are some other games around us to which are based on new ideas , and today the game that we are reviewing in falls … [Read more...]

Google Postponed Nexus Q Launch And sent Free Pre-Orders

Google has delayed its Nexus Q launch that was supposed to be launched in July, to make up for the lost time ,Google are now sending the Nexus Q free to those who pre-ordered it.Still Google is not clear on the thoughts when they will release Nexus 7 … [Read more...]

Microsoft Retiring Out Hotmail And Introducing New Email Service

 Microsoft one of the leading organizations in the field of developing operating systems for computers, Microsoft has an email service named Hotmail which is very popular, the news is that Microsoft has decided to put the shutters down on Hotmail and … [Read more...]

Is Facebook Phone Due To Be Launched

Recently a survey has been conducted on over a topic of would you buy a Facebook phone, survey was conducted by a UK based (Digital marketing company) Greenlight.Results were amazing about half of the people said they would not buy a Facebook phone … [Read more...]

How To Install APK Files In Android Devices

Android technology that was introduced by Google has now become requirement maximum of the people as things became your need so it’s essential to know everything about it, people are very inquiring to know how to install APK files which is an … [Read more...]

Google Introduces New Internet Technology As Google Fiber

Google one of the largest tech organizations in the world, most renowned of its search engine capacities on the web, with advancement in technology Google has also opted various technologies as they adopted the Android technology , now they are … [Read more...]

Search Google Using Handwriting On Smart Phones And Tablets

HANDWRITENow day’s technology in Smartphones is evolving so fast that within shot spam a new technology arises , as the involvement of touch technology  in Smartphones are most popular so the Smartphone which possess it are also popular like Google’s … [Read more...]

London 2012 Results App Get Live Updates and More on London Olympic

There are many large events of sports we found in this world, but the grandest of all is Olympics due to several reasons some of them are stated here.Olympics has a long history, Olympic features almost all countries in the world, more than … [Read more...]

Smart Cover For Nexus 7 With Magnetic Technology

When people purchase IPads or Tablets they are always conscious of the safety of them because they are very light and thin and if they fall from your hands or from the table they can be damaged easily.Keeping this in mind many tablets covers has been … [Read more...]