Forget About Your Web Insecurities With Utopia P2P Ecosystem

Web Insecurities With Utopia P2P Ecosystem The transfer of personal data and valuable information via the Internet has become absolutely natural today. Online transactions and communication on the Web greatly simplify life but can lead to the leakage of confidential information. And this leak can have very unpleasant consequences that go beyond the digital environment. Many users are concerned about privacy on the Internet, but not everyone knows how to ensure it.

Forget About Your Web Insecurities With Utopia P2P Ecosystem

Utopia P2P ecosystem was developed for the purpose of Internet privacy, security, anonymity and freedom of speech.

Key elements of the Utopia P2P ecosystem

Utopia is a decentralized ecosystem which applies the most advanced encryption and which offers the vast feature set.

Multitasking functionality

uMessenger and uMap. Communicate anonymously with the Utopia service for instant messaging. Send encrypted text and voice messages, attach files of any formats, create channels and tag them on the uMap – mapping service which doesn’t collect any data of yours, add stickers and emoji.

UMessenger and UMap

 uMail. Carry on your business correspondence, attach confidential files and documents without the risk of data leakage.

uWallet and Mining Bots. Transact financial business with a built-in wallet. Create Crypto Cards and vouchers, receive and make payments with Crypton – own digital currency, stable and minable. You get your CRP for each 15-minute session on Utopia, or you can drive the process by using Mining Bots. It doesn’t require any substantial computer power and quite eco-friendly.

uWallet and Mining Bots

 uNS and Idyll browser. Utopia introduces its own domain name system – decentralized registry of names. Together with the Packet Forwarding, it allows to tunnel any kind of data and host various network resources. All the created websites, e-stores and other resources can be visited anonymously with Idyll browser.

On top of all, Utopia introduces Managers for convenient files, uNS, etc., management and multiplayer Games for having a wonderful time.


The ecosystem is decentralized – P2P. There is no central server; each peer is both a client and a server. That means there is no single point of failure and that your data and personal info isn’t stored at any servers except your own. Thus, there are no chances of outside interception.

Superior encryption

Utopia uses the combined methods of encryption which include:

Elliptic curve cryptography for your local data storage – Curve25519, which is high-speed.

256-bit AES for the bulk encryption of all the data transferred which is considered the most secure encryption thanks to the longest key (the number of the possible combination is too high even for a supercomputer to hack)

Session keys – temporary keys for additional encryption layer and extra security measures.

 Utopia’s value

Thus, using Utopia you get:

  • total data security;
  • the absence of censorship;
  • web anonymity;
  • convenience;
  • piece of mind.


The date of the official release of Utopia – 4 October 2019.

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