Fighting Addiction Using your Phone

Smart phones can do all kinds of things these days, but did you know that they can also help you fight alcohol addiction? It’s true, there are many ways that your smart phone can be your best ally against your vice. Let’s take a look at how you can use your phone to overcome alcohol abuse, and get your life together.

Fighting Addiction Using your Phone

1) Apps

It seems like there is an app for everything these days, and alcoholism is no different. It may sound shocking, but there are many apps you can download that will help you overcome your alcoholism. Some apps provide you with daily prayers and meditations to help you focus your mind and spirit, while others help you to track your alcohol consumption per day, giving you a good look at just how much you’re drinking. There is even an official Alcoholics Anonymous app as well that can be a big help. Take time to look through the various apps available on your smart phone, you’ll be sure to find something to help you in your fight against alcohol abuse.

2) Staying in Touch with Friend and Family

Recent studies have shown that addiction is most often due to problems with our relationships. This is particularly true when it comes to finding ourselves disconnected with friends and family, and alcohol becomes a replacement for the positive feelings that we’re missing out on. One of the simplest ways your phone can help you to battle alcoholism is to simply stay in touch with your friends and family. And if you need to, don’t be shy to ask them to meet up, and spend some time with you. It’s better than drinking alone after all.

3) Finding a Treatment Center

One of the more obvious ways that you can use your phone to overcome your dependency on alcohol is to search for a nearby treatment center or program. For example, a quick Google search for “West Palm Beach alcoholics anonymous” using your city name, can give you info on a nearby AA program that can help you to overcome your addiction. The most important thing to remember is not to feel ashamed or embarrassed about this. Seeking professional help is not just a last resort, it’s a great way to keep your addiction from spiraling out of control, and destroying your life.

Alcohol can hurt you in a lot of different ways. It can take a major chunk out of your bank account through missed days at work, divorce, or spending money on junk food to supplement your alcohol drinking. It can also ruin relationships, pushing your friends and family away from you. Lastly, it can also damage your health, sometimes permanently if you don’t get help soon enough.

Don’t wait. If you are suffering from alcohol addiction, you owe it to yourself, your friends, and your family to get help as soon as possible. The sooner you decide to make a change, the sooner you can get your life back on track.


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