School Management App For Students and Teachers

my study life appFrom School to High school, almost half our lives are spent studying, and if you are a student you can relate to how tough Student life can be! Keeping track of the never-ending assignments, quizzes and exams on top of remembering classrooms, timings & schedules and an already burdening routine, can be a huge pain! And if you are not fond of keeping a home-work diary or some paper-planner to note important stuff, you’ll have a hard time remembering & managing everything.

School Management App For Students and Teachers

Even a hand-written diary can only be as efficient as you are, but if you are seeking a better way to stay informed & organized, My Study Life is just the app you need!

What’s better than getting informed about everything on time rather than you having to look for information on your own? That’s why My Study Life is the best digital planner you’ll ever get & the right reason to say goodbye to your home-work diaries & those hand-written paper notes you can never keep up to!

Concept and Functionality

My School Life is a cross-platform digital planner that integrates several features to make school life easier to manage. From managing schedule revisions to exam dates & assignments due dates, My School Life has it all covered on all your devices, hence making it the best organizational tool for students.

school management app

My Study Life is more than just a calendar or planner app & is specifically optimized to work for your academic life from the start. The app combines class list, assignments, test/exam & other tasks in a simple, clean and easy-to-use interface. It lets you add & manage all your classes, their schedules, tasks & exam dates, and displays everything in one convenient dashboard. It allows you see homework due & overdue for every class you take, points out classes if they conflict with your exams, & even enables adding revision tasks & schedules for particular exams. It also provides notification reminders for upcoming events, so you never miss a scheduled task/exam. Being cross-platform, the app seamlessly syncs your schedules & data between all your devices & lets you access everything even when offline.

Whatever platform you are using, you can quickly get the app for free. All you need to do then is launch the app & then make an account or sign in using Facebook or Google. After that, you need to go through a one-time setup process that includes manually adding all your classes with their respective subject & teacher name and what time & rooms they are at. You can then add or import assignments, exams & due dates for each under the “Tasks” & “Exams” panel. Once you are done, you can start using the app to keep up to date with your academic commitments. You can view a timetable that shows every class you have for the whole week with their room numbers. A “Today” panel shows you classes & tasks you have for the day. The “Tasks” panel shows all your upcoming assignments sorted by their due-dates whereas the “Exams” panel shows all upcoming tests & exams displayed correspondingly. A search icon is also present that lets you search for a specific task or exam by typing words.

Overall it’s an exciting application with unique features that can fulfill the needs of every student quiet efficiently & can even come in handy for their parents or teachers.


• Manage your classes – supports traditional weekly schedules as well as week and day rotation timetables for effortless Scheduling/Timetabling.
• Track your tasks – homework, assignments, reminders, and revision.
• Store exams – keep those important exams alongside your classes and revision tasks.
• Get notified – receive minders for unfinished tasks, upcoming exams and classes before they even start.
• Cloud Support –Store & access all your tasks & timetables anywhere, anytime with ease
• Cross-Platform – Easily & freely accessible on all platforms & devices including Android phones, iPhones, Windows Phone and PCs supporting Windows 8 or above.

Last Verdict

Easy-to-use & Comprehensive, My Study Life is a convenient app for students to schedule their lives with. It is more than just a school-planner & a must-have app for all school, college & university students. With his app on your device, you can ditch all your excuses, meet all deadlines effectively and enjoy staying on top of all your assignments & exam dates every time!

AVAILABILITY: My Study Life is freely available for Android as well as iOS phones via Google Play Store and iTunes respectively.


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