How to Backup Phone Contacts in Android Phone

How to Backup Phone Contacts in Android PhoneThe worst thing about losing your cell phone is ending up losing all your valuable contacts as well. While you can get your phone repaired or, in the worst case, buy a new one as well. But if you lose contact numbers of people who you no longer are in touch with through any other means, it can result in permanent loss. That’s why keeping a back-up of all your contacts is necessary. And if you are seeking a way to do that, you’ll be glad to know that it isn’t complicated at all.

How to Backup Phone Contacts in Android Phone

Backing up all the contacts on your Android phone & keeping them safely stored at all times is only a matter of few taps. There are numerous ways to do that, but here we’ll describe the best ones to help you backup all your contacts. Just read along to know the two most popular methods of backing up Contacts in your Android phone & the step-by-step guide to help you implement them.

METHOD #1: Backup Contacts using Google Account

The easiest way to backup all your contacts is to keep them synced with your integrated Google account. It can be done using following steps:

1) Launch Settings app on your Android Phone.

Launch settings Android

2) Scroll down & select the “Accounts/ Accounts and Sync” Option.

Account and sync android

3) Find Google from the list of accounts that appear & tap on it. Then choose your Gmail/Google account where you want to back-up your contacts.

Google accounts android

4) Once you chose your account, you’ll be prompted to a number of options with check-boxes next to each. To back up your contacts, find the one labeled as “Contacts/People”. Make sure it is checked and you’ll have all your contacts automatically backed-up periodically.

sync contacts android

METHOD #2: Backup Contacts using SD Card or USB Storage

Another popular method for people who don’t prefer cloud services involves keeping a backup of all your contacts on an external storage device such as a USB or SD card. It consists in following steps:

1) Launch Settings app on your Android Phone.

Launch settings Android

2) Scroll down to find the Contacts option and tap on it.

Contacts Android

3) Next, tap on the “Import/Export Contacts” Option

import export contacts android

4) Now select the “Export to storage device” option & chose where you want the contacts to be stored.

export storage device android

5) Finally, follow the remaining instructions to successfully backup whatever contacts you want to backup & have them safely stored on your desired external storage device.

exporting android contacts

Last Verdict

Following the above steps and any of the above two methods, you can easily & instantly back-up all your contacts & and rest assured that you’ll never have to lose your essential contacts even in case of unexpected mobile failure or loss. For those cases & for the case that you might need to switch phones, all you’ll now need to do is get your contacts restored from the backup & enjoy using them as if you never lost any!

Note: Some settings may differ slightly depending on your device manufacturer. The above methods are described according to those on OPPO Android phone.


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