Five Best English Learning Apps For Android and iPhone

English language learning appsBeing spoken & recognized worldwide, English is likely to remain the globally dominant language worldwide for years to come. No matter what country, age or field of study you belong to, knowing English will open the door to a broader range of information, opportunities & connections for you. As such English-learning holds great importance to people belonging to all age groups & nationalities. And, that’s precisely why we see almost everyone trying hard to learn & improve their English language skills.

Learning a language isn’t an easy task, but if you invest some time & efforts daily, you’ll be amazed at how fast you improve your skills. Don’t have time & resources? You no longer need to worry about that as there are now millions of mobile apps available to fulfill your need & we have shortlisted just the best ones to try!

Five Best English Learning Apps For Android and iPhone

Whether you are a student trying to improve your grammar or a total beginner learning English as a new language, with these Five Best English-Learning Apps you can ace English-learning anywhere anytime and strengthen your skills irrespective of your expertise level!


Featuring learning support for 12 major languages, Busuu is a widespread and diverse language learning app. When it comes to English learning, it can extensively aid English learners of all levels & is one of the best English learning apps available offline. It tests your Language level with a placement test, so you start training for the right difficulty level & offers full courses to cover it. It uses traditional methods and features exercises to help you learn grammar, essential vocabulary & conversational phrases. This app not only builds your learning & writing skills but also improves spoken English by providing accent training & help from native speakers. It requires a subscription of $10.99/month or $74.99/year to get full access to premium features.

busuu Learn Languages

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Drops: Learn English language

Drops is not your conventional language learning app but rather a one that teaches English effectively through 100% visual learning based on fun & games! The app has two versions: one for American English & another for British English. This app targets explicitly at teaching Vocabulary & makes learning ultra-effective by featuring graphics & mini-games. What’s more, it limits your learning session to 5mins/day hence leaving no excuse for not being able to invest time for it daily. This limitation even makes it more addictive & it works like a charm for learning English efficiently & quickly! The basic app is free and offers 1700 words & 99 topics for casual learners. More severe users can subscribe to premium version with unlimited learning time for

Learn American English language for free

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Duolingo is the most productive English language learning app available for free. It supports English among 20+ other languages it offers. It utilizes a fun approach for teaching and covers all the essential language skills including reading, writing, speaking & listening through short lessons block. You can access all the content free and learn basic verbs, phrases, sentences & new words daily by merely completing lessons & answering Questions. Besides being highly useful for learning the app also allows you to track your progress & motivates learning by unlocking achievements. It is easy to use, has a colorful interface & no in-app purchases and thus is overall better than most apps of its kind.

Duolingo Learn Languages Free

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Hello English

Hello, English is the most comprehensive language learning app that’s a popular choice for learning English from 22 languages. It features 475 interactive lessons with offline support, various interactive games, immediate results with tips, a 10,000-word audio-dictionary and additional options to discuss with teachers or practice. It also uses fun methods for learning such as daily-news, articles, E-books, audio & video clips. With this app, you can learn grammar, vocabulary, spellings, translations, pronunciations, conversational English & more. It can essentially improve your English speaking, listening, writing, reading and comprehension skills in a relatively fun, quick & easy way- that too free of cost. A premium version of the app is also available for a subscription of $8.99 monthly, $18.99 quarterly or $29.99 yearly.

Hello English Learn English

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Memrise: Learn New Languages

Memrise is one of the most potent learning app that offers a unique learning experience based on entertainment & real-life content. It is a favorite app among learners & supports a wide range of languages including English. It offers the variety of easy-to-use interactive games enabling you to learn and practice language & vocabulary and improve your listening & speaking skills, along with written English. Joining Memrise online learner’s community also lets you access innovative chatbots & 30,000 native speaker videos. A pronunciation guide lets you record & compare your pronunciations with those of native speakers. You can set your daily goals & use the app as you like in either online or offline mode. This app is available for Free but can be upgraded to Pro version with extra features for a subscription of $8.99/month or $59.99/year or a lifetime subscription of $179.99.

Learn New Languages, Grammar & Vocabulary

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