Document and Image Scanning App For Android and iOS

Tiny scanner appIt won’t be wrong to say that printed paper copies of documents are now gradually becoming a thing of the past. In this modern age of digitalization, it is likely that you’ll more often require a digital copy of your document, be it for personal or professional use. Primarily because digital copies are so much easier to transport & access, without you having to worry about losing them. But still, most vital documents we own are originally in a hardcopy format including ID cards, business cards, receipts, and reports.

Document and Image Scanning App For Android and iOS

The most productive solution, hence, is a scanner that can transform any of your printed documents into digital form within a matter of seconds. While a stand-alone desktop scanner can produce such high-quality scans, but if you only need a few casual scans now & then, investing into a large & not-so-cheap scanner isn’t the best option for you.

So, wouldn’t it be just great if you could have a portable scanner embedded in your very own smartphone instead? A scanner app that could efficiently meet all your everyday scanning needs by producing accurately scanned copies of all your documents on-the-go & even lets you process & share them instantly? That’s what Tiny Scanner app is all about!

Concept and Functionality

Tiny Scanner is a beautifully designed, simple yet effective mobile scanning app that can instantly transform your smartphone into a portable scanner and all your documents to digital format. No matter what kinds of material you need to scan and where you want to share them, this speedy app can meet all your scanning needs quite well.

The tiny scanner is not only diverse in functionality but also extremely easy to use. Once you install & launch the app, it asks for a few permissions to access your camera, Wi-Fi, in-app purchases & media files/photos. It uses your mobile phone’s camera to capture high-quality images & stores scanned documents as JPEG images or PDF. The app automatically detects the page corners & promises to produce a precise, high-quality scan every time. You can choose to capture with or without flash and even select the page size for PDFs. You also have several control options for your output scan. You can scan in color, black & white or grayscale and adjust the contrast levels as well.

document scan app

Once you are done with the formatting, you can proceed to save your scan & then you’ll be prompted to various sharing options that allow instant sharing of your scans to cloud platforms such as OneDrive or Dropbox. Tiny Scanner also lets you easily organize & manage your scans on the device, by providing the option to view as thumbnails or list & offering features such as quick searching by titles and dates and enabling you to combine several scans in a single PDF. Tiny Scanner also allows you to set default preferences for page size & filters and even helps to protect your sensitive documents by adding a security passcode.

Overall, it is super-fast, proficient and one of the best mobile scanners readily available for both Android & iOS users.


• Scan & saves documents in most common formats such as images or PDFs
• Super-fast & well-designed
• Scan in color, grayscale or black & white
• Automatically detects page edges
• Set page sizes for PDF (letter,Legal,A4,etc)
• 5 levels of contrast for monochrome texts
• Sort scans by date/title , view as list-view or thumbnail
• Quick search by title
• Batch mode combines several scans into a single PDF
• The passcode for secure storage
• Support for cloud storage services
• Universal app for Android, iOS Phones & Tablets

Last Verdict

The tiny Scanner-PDF scanner is the best portable scanner app available for smartphone users. It has several features to make document scanning & sharing extremely convenient & speedy and hence is recommended for business & personal use alike. If you are looking for a simple and effective, all-in-one app to fulfill your everyday document-scanning & sharing needs, you won’t find a better one than this!

*  Tiny Scanner app is available for Free for both Android and iOS users via Google Play store & iTunes respectively. A Pro version, with additional features, is also available for $4.99.


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