Customer Support Live Chat Software For Websites Olark

Customer Support Live Chat Software For Websites OlarkWith the launch of a new startup every day, the chase for establishing the most successful business is never-ending. Every Entrepreneur or organization initiates a business plan with the goal of achieving rapid growth & widespread recognition in the minimum possible time. But as simple as it may sound, growing your business to a certain level and then maintaining it, takes not only considerable effort but also requires a lot of patience. And unless you understand the key points well & know how to cater them, you’ll lose everything before you even have the chance to reap benefits from your venture.

Customer Support Live Chat Software For Websites Olark

The most important factor that contributes to a business’s long-term success is its customer-service. A good quality customer-service not only increases sales but helps to spread a positive image in the market, and hence proves to be effective in meeting immediate & long-term success goals. But providing quality customer service is challenging, and that’s where Live-chat softwares play there part.

In a fast-paced world, where everyone looks for convenience & quick solutions, there isn’t a better way to provide an engaging customer-service experience, then via Olark –the best live chat solution software.

Concept and Functionality

Simple, effective and Hassle-free, Olark live chat software is specifically designed to serve all your business needs, be it increasing sales, providing support or acquiring leads. With Olark you can build not only effective customer relationships but also gain valuable insights to manage them.

The olark-browser-based console looks impressive and is user-friendly. It offers massive customization with various templates & color options to make it visually attractive and even enables you to match the chat-box with the theme of your website. Besides being highly customizable, the software is easy to setup & and maintain, and even its interface is relatively simple & easy to navigate.

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Despite its clean interface, Olark is loaded with integrations and several powerful features, hence enabling businesses to do a lot more than providing engaging customer support, and thus making for the most popular choice among live-chat software.

It includes several features that enable you to provide immediate & practical support to customers & gain significant information from them. Olark’s Real-time Chat reports offer you analytics such as high/low-rated chats, most talked-about topics and busiest hours hence helping you in making better business-related decisions. The Real-time chat feature attracts clients, and with Olark’s Automated-messaging feature you can easily entertain maximum interested visitors! With the paid version you get countless conversations, and each of these conversations is captured as a transcript so you can flag them for follow-up later or search by contextual tags for specific feedback. Even the customer-feedback surveys that Olark offers are well-developed and extensive!

Besides offering comprehensive customer-support features, the software also helps to keep your customer-support team informed & aligned by providing excellent team management tools such as real-time agent activity reports, open chat routing & chat limits for every agent. The software even allows integrations with popular & advanced sales & marketing platforms such as Salesforce, Hubspot, Desk, etc. and famous e-commerce platforms like Magneto & WordPress, enhancing its overall credibility and making it the perfect solution for more significant enterprises.


• Simple customization
• Real-time reporting, Chat ratings & sophisticated insights
• Real-time and targeted chats
• Proactive chats & triggers
• Tracking & live analytics
• Offline mode- act as a “contact us” box when all agents are offline
• Automated messages
• Unlimited conversations
• Searchable transcripts
• Team-management tools
• CRM & Helpdesk integration
• Developer API

Last Verdict

With features ranging from automated messaging to in-depth reporting, Olark offers extensive customer-service features along with an attractive live chat client for businesses to gain benefits from. If you are seeking to provide top-notch customer support to clients in the easiest yet effective way, Olark is the best choice!

*Pricing: Olark is available as a Free Trial version that lasts two weeks and allows one agent & up to 20 individual conversations. A Premium version allowing endless conversations per agent is also available on following payment plans: $17/month-monthly billing, $15/month-yearly billing and $12/month bi-monthly billing.


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