Best To Do List App For Android and iOS Tick Tick Task manager

daily task management appManaging many tasks every day and Keeping track of all the daily-life activities & events can be tough. It can be a pain, especially when you are a busy person and can’t even risk losing track of time or missing a necessary arrangement. That’s why you need a Task manager app to keep your life on track!

While there may be many organization apps available, it is essential that you chose the right one that can successfully meet all your needs! Our favorite digital planner, in this case, is the app we are reviewing today!

Best To Do List App For Android and iOS Tick Tick Task manager

Whether you are seeking to keep your life a little more organized by staying informed about all essential tasks you need to do or trying to manage your time & meet your goals more efficiently – TickTick can effortlessly meet all your task-management needs while providing several other benefits. With this app on your phone, you no longer need to worry about time & dates, and can efficiently deal every task as it comes, with maximum productivity!

Concept and Functionality

TickTick is a simple yet highly efficient task-management app that helps you manage all your work and personal tasks with ease. From catering to your very essential organizing needs to provide a handful of unique task-management features, this app dramatically impresses by its comprehensiveness & capabilities!

The interface is clean & simple, and the app takes a minimalist approach to provide better readability & usability. In the app, you organize your tasks by lists which can be further categorized. The layout has three columns consisting of main-lists, tasks for each list and notes for each task respectively.

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There are many ways you can handle your tasks with this app. You can add notes, comments and even attachments to each task. You can also sort your tasks in various ways including sorting by titles, due date, priority-levels assigned by you or your custom sorting. You can set different reminders for each task including on-the-day reminders or location-triggered reminders. You can choose to repeat the task at set intervals (e.g., a particular day of the week) or even put a daily-alert to remind you of all the tasks of the day!

While it’s evident that this app efficiently functions as a task-manager, there are additional ways to use it. You can search for any specific note using tags & hashtags, you can share your lists, and you can even sync the app with the calendar to view your daily tasks on it.

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A further boost to its credibility is the fact that it is regularly updated to include a handful of new & improved features. Moreover, its powerful syncing and cross-platform availability means you can stay updated with all your tasks & lists anywhere, at all times!

Overall, it is quick in handling all your tasks and has so many options & features that it performs its job rather impressively. There’s certainly no way this app will let you miss anything on your to-do list, and therefore it makes for the perfect to-do app for your phone!


• Easy to use & light-weight app
• Quickly Create Checklists for tasks
• Integrate with the calendar application
• Set Flexible recurring tasks
• Instant time & location reminders
• Multiple reminders & notifications for essential tasks
• Advanced sorting options by using date/time order or priority levels
• Quickly search tasks using tags & hashtags
• Share task lists for collaboration
• Smart date-parsing
• Custom smart lists (PRO)
• Customizable android widget & themes (PRO)
• Seamless sync across all your devices
• Cross-platform-accessible on the web, Android, iOS devices

Last Verdict

If you are tired of forgetting essential tasks you need to do, TickTick is just the app you need. Simple to use and comprehensive in functionality, it is primarily the best to-do app out there. Having this app means you have your life sorted at all times & will never miss a schedule again!

*Availability: TickTick app is available for free for both Android and iOS via Google Play store and iTunes respectively. A Pro version with premium features is also available for a subscription of $2.99/month or $27.99/year


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